Website development, our customers' reviews.
The basic principle of our work is logicality and consecution. Any project, especially website development – it is a row of goals and tasks that must be specified correctly and on time.
Any of your thoughts and opinions about any projects that we did are very important to us! Especially critical ones! Why? Because they help to improve our services!
Elvira Miheeva,
senior manager —

The «Mirabilis travel» travel agency expresses its gratitude for the professional approach, teamwork, flexibility in decisions, advices and ideas.

We want to thank separately each member who worked on our project:

Eugenia Kazantseva, for excellent presentation skills,
Roman Kuznetsov, for the ability to explain complex terms in simple words that are understandable for novice user, the excellent coordination of the project,
Andrew Zeibel, for the professional advice,
Asiya Dzhaisheva, for high-quality web-site design,
Artem Smyslov, for communication skills and work approach
and, of course, Arcady Polishuk for creating an excellent team, dedicated to the work.

«Mirabilis travel» team wishes you prosperity, expansion into new regions and a lot of products with the «4Design» signature.
Zikryarov D. U.,
Director —

We thank the “4Design” Web-Studio for the quality done work. The development team has realized the original website with a convenient and simple interface. Professionalism, creativity and initiative are the distinctive features of “4Design” team. Also I would like to particularly note the high speed of work and a flexible approach in determining the pricing policy, which are the company’s undeniable advantage. We were very pleased with the result. Wish you to achieve new heights in your business!
Kotelnikov V. M.,
Director General —

LLP "Virazh”, represented by Director General Kotelnikov, Vladimir Mikhailovich, expresses gratitude to the “4design” team for professionalism and quality of services rendered. Special thanks for their participation and concern to match the website to the high level of quality and easy to work with.

We hope to further mutually beneficial cooperation, we wish you success and prosperity.

Lily Klochenko,
Associate marketing director —

We had a long way of searching for a web-studio for our website before choosing 4design, because our main question was not only price, but also quality. Moreover, we liked its competent step-by-step approach to solve the task. Based on our cumulative experience upon question arrangement, we followed next criteria: accuracy and efficiency.

To be candid, it seems like that even with avery detailed technical assignment many small details might still be missing, so that when we saw the result, it really surpassed all our expectations. We didn’t discuss everything, but these guys know their work, and often use their experience to quickly find unique and creative solutions.
July Min,
Administrator —

I would like to express my gratitude for very energetic and organized work to the “4design”web studio team. Their professionalism, creativity and responsibility for their project made me very pleased. I really like the design of my website and they technical side doesn’t call any questions, everything is simple and understandable.

Wish you further creative success!!!
Chingiz Shakur,
marketing specialist —

Great team! Work fast, well organized and coordinated. Communication with a customer on the “half-word” level, we didn’t have to explain anything for too long, very quick to grasp! Don’t ask stupid questions, even if you ask them a stupid question, they will explain you everything in details. Reach consensus. 
Damira Phedorova,
tourism manager —

Want to express my enormous thanks to everyone in your “4design” studio team for excellent work, professionalism, creativity and understanding!!! Thank you for openness, expert approach to website development process, starting from an idea and finishing with some technical moments. It is very pleasantly to work with every studio employee since everyone takes his job very seriously. The website helps to communicate much quicker, which saves a lot of time, while serving its basic purpose – advertizing. We wish you luck in your job, new great ideas and pleased customers! 
Helen Chernov,
Associate general director —

«KPG» is expressing its gratitude to the «4Desing» web studio for such a creative approach and high quality of our website development. Upon website development all requirements for debugged work were satisfied. Developed interface and website navigation is user friendly. Website loading is very fast, design is attractive. The creation process passed in frank and rapport atmosphere. It was very pleasant to work with professionals, which all of «4Design» employees are.
Vladimir Kim,
President —

«SmartGroup» expresses its gratitude to the «4design» web studio for the high quality of the on-time finished work in the developing company’s website. All the tasks and wishes that our company had for the «4design» professionals were done, and website goals - self-descriptiveness, functionality, convenience in information search, modern website design were fully reached.

At the same time I would like to distinguish «4design» employees’ ability to delve in customers particularly and specific work. Also its professionalism and high responsibility level.

Hope to further mutually beneficial collaboration and wish the «4design» web studio further success and financial prosperity.
Raushan Kasen,
Director —

«Farab» travel agency expresses its gratitude to the «4design» web studio for creation and development of the company’s website. We would like to distinguish not only professionalism and high quality of the developed website, but also the ability to work with a customer and ability to consider any customer’s wishes. Website came in bright, stylish and pithy. Comfortable Administrative panel lets us easy and quickly bring in any new content to the website. Special thanks to Andrew Zeibel for his tenderness and willingness to always come to help us!
Alina Kim,
Director —

Huge thanks to all the «4design» team! It was very pleasant to work with professionals, who understand everything that a customer wants from them right away, who can also comprehensibly explain all the details, and overall they are all very nice people!

Wish you further success in your businesses, new projects and satisfied customers.
Dmitry Gorbachev,
Director —

Given website studio was recommended for me as a professional team. I didn’t make my search more difficult by wasting my time trying to find someone else to make this project complete and I was right! In spite of the fact that I’m very captious customer and can find a quarrel in a straw, they don’t tire to answer all my questions. And in 99% cases they were absolutely right and I agree with them. As a result, I got the fully functioning website that response to all the Internet website principles. 
Mavriki Woolf,
Project Director —

Thank you guys for the great work! Website works perfectly! Beautiful design and program developing. Everything is automatized, pleasure to work with. Every detail was thought over.

Well done! Keep going!
Nurlan Chalbas,
Director —

From the first meeting with the studio employees we found common language and I didn’t have to spend much time to suggest HOW and WHAT to do. Guys themselves defined in what way they should work on my project by understanding my company’s principles. Now I commit them a couple more projects and believe that the result will be perfect! I recommend to work with professionals such as the “4design” studio!
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